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has IC gone bonkers?

there is a lot of you did this to my mate and I didnt do anything wrong Im perfect posts on browsing this morning. Them that hoy stones at chunks of glass and all that.

Last time I checked in with the life meter no bugger is perfect (well except my mother as she keeps telling me ;-) ) I ponder what use it is to keep dragging up the same old malarky on the boards.

I must remember to look and remind myself not to do it - it makes one look like a right numpty.  I shall stick to my ever increasing boring blogs of puppies, wee and poo and no excitement as we sort life and get back on track.

Puppies are driving me insane.. the fighting still continues.. how much more I can handle is to be seen. I feel I'm having a vague breakdown over it. We really did choose too much to do all at once.. the house, the support of a widow'd friend, 2 new changing jobs, puppies AND feeling forced into moving house. I know need a divorce and a wedding to complete the cycle! 

Which reminds me must book flights and or sort the 2 wedding I have to go to in September - not long now.. bet both couples are sooo very excited!

Today is plodding along at work trying to increase sales.. August traditionally the worse month for our industry - everyone on holiday and of course no company has spare monies and really cutting back.

I was pondering making a nice dinner tonight for Si and running him a bath for when he came home. Hes struggling too and all too often its easy to dismiss each other as we trundle along.

Finding DK's blogs on the 5 day little room experiment utterly fasinating. Even been looking at the webcam. Cant wait to see her write up at the end once all over. Bet it brings them ever closer together. Just fasinating.


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