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I can feel the white coats being booked!

Its been a mad couple of weeks.. I think more mad than normal as I seem to have lost any multi tasking skill ability I had. Work is silly pressure still and I've cried for a couple of hours every day - only the dogs see so it's neither here nor there.

is that an age thing, an event overload thing, lack of sleep or just because - the multi tasing rather than the crying.

I've stopped talkin to people and friends about it as I've turned in to a complete miserable cow.

We put down a deposit on new sparkly new (did I mention new) house on saturday - be ready early Dec.. AND they have part exchanged this one - for a really good deal considering current housing climate. The builders were desperate. All to do with assets and liabilities on a spreadsheet. Organising all the people, the paperwork, finance has just added to my pressures but it's a positive thing at the end. PRoviding the survey on this one doesnt find it about to collapse into a mine shaft or something odd we are good to go!

You never know from January next year might actually see some people!

Meant to be a wedding this weekend but invite never arrived.. really been upset about knowing what to do about that and have chased. I got out of preportion upset about it.. I wonder is it me.

And a wedding the weekend after that :-) which I'm really looking forward to. A fathers birthday and Im sure I've missed some birthdays.

We have a few months now of new build, surveys, finance stuff, mortgage stuff, keeping this house tidy for viewings.

Puppies driving me nuts... but Im hoping in about 6 months or so they calm down!

last week even felt vaguely suicidal which I have felt that low for decades.. but I think I've got my self out of that.

yep.. thats it for now..
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