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Its been a mad couple of weeks.. I think more mad than normal as I seem to have lost any multi tasking skill ability I had. Work is silly pressure still and I've cried for a couple of hours every day - only the dogs see so it's neither here nor there.

is that an age thing, an event overload thing, lack of sleep or just because - the multi tasing rather than the crying.

I've stopped talkin to people and friends about it as I've turned in to a complete miserable cow.

We put down a deposit on new sparkly new (did I mention new) house on saturday - be ready early Dec.. AND they have part exchanged this one - for a really good deal considering current housing climate. The builders were desperate. All to do with assets and liabilities on a spreadsheet. Organising all the people, the paperwork, finance has just added to my pressures but it's a positive thing at the end. PRoviding the survey on this one doesnt find it about to collapse into a mine shaft or something odd we are good to go!

You never know from January next year might actually see some people!

Meant to be a wedding this weekend but invite never arrived.. really been upset about knowing what to do about that and have chased. I got out of preportion upset about it.. I wonder is it me.

And a wedding the weekend after that :-) which I'm really looking forward to. A fathers birthday and Im sure I've missed some birthdays.

We have a few months now of new build, surveys, finance stuff, mortgage stuff, keeping this house tidy for viewings.

Puppies driving me nuts... but Im hoping in about 6 months or so they calm down!

last week even felt vaguely suicidal which I have felt that low for decades.. but I think I've got my self out of that.

yep.. thats it for now..
its all custard really


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8th Sep, 2008 22:30 (UTC)
I'd like to make the weeding the week after next, but no can do :(
9th Sep, 2008 23:33 (UTC)
i hate weeding :-D

however you will be missed at our non-weeding XX
9th Sep, 2008 23:32 (UTC)
just great big hugs!! Things WILL improve, and pick up the phone anytime you feel low (or just anytime)!! always here for you, if somewhat remiss at keeping in touch right now sorry. I think im having the same meltdown! See you in a whole 10 days time. I cant wait!! XXX
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