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change of plans

Well I never got the details even after memos, calls and texts.. no real idea why, maybe I just wasnt getting the message..

 ... so doesn't look like I'm going to a wedding this weekend.

Am  really quite upset about it all, not quite sure how you get past it either! 

I was really looking forward to sharing in the joy of it all - old romantic I am, I love weddings and that 2 people commit to each other in that way and especially this lady who I adore.

I was getting a bit stalkersish about it all by keep asking.. so I had to give up. :-(

I've put the dress and hat away for another week!

Mel x
its all custard really


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13th Sep, 2008 23:23 (UTC)
dont know what to say really... i can see you are very upset, and rightly so.

To be honest, "disorganised bride" ISNT a good excuse, it's downright rude and insulting to guests that they cant even be arsed to make the effort to give people details after inviting them. And to then ignore texts and emails is plain ignorant.

I have a fantastic friend who you will meet next week. She is very laid back, very into paganism, and her mantra in life is to only surround herself with friends who love her and who make her happy. She refuses to run round in circles worrying herself about men, or friends if they arent reciprocating friendship or love.

And it works for her, and im discovering it works for me. If the friendship isnt worth her time, it isnt worth your worry.

You have a whole "pack" of us up here who cannot WAIT to see you and share our day, the night before and the night after. Because that's what friends are for, sharing and wanting to share XXXX

Ive discovered
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