March 6th, 2009


Been to Barbados for a week - was lovely... got back a few days ago..

Managed to get badly sunburnt down one thigh and elbow (of all things) I know better - what a tit I am.. now a lovely collection of different shades and shedding my skin. Got told hair conditioner works a treat - and it does! Bizarre

Managed to get an alergic reaction on my feet due to some cleaning chemicals.. threw up lots in so much pain.

Had period from hell.. threw up lots in so much pain.

Helped do some work out there - was knackering but rewarding and a change is as good as a rest as they say. I am v hopeful for the folks involved that its a raging success.

This week managed to totally forget about the warminster munch - it just popped into my head this morning - note to self read diary. Also forgot about a dentist appointment.... Diary, Diary, Dairy.

Tried to catch up with friends and realised there are bigger and better issues in the world and I'm alright jack kinda thing!

Puppies are groovy at the moment - still fighting occassionally (well a patch in the morning and afternoon) but adorable. A recent love of chomping on skirting boards is vaguely grrr.. but hell they are puppies! They are 10 months old today.

Its our 5 year anniversary today - I think thats got forgotten in all the stresses of the last few weeks also.

So .... um Happy friday everyone - may all your dangly bits be blessed.

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