melly_snm (melly_snm) wrote,

Happy New year

Well 2008 was in summary utterly shite.

We had a relationship break up, a beloved pet die after 19 years, lots of hassle in the house due to 'the youth of today', a good friend pass away for which the ripples have been huge, a job change for me which is turning out to be a challenge, a job change for him and the stresses that involves, a divorce and dealing with the courts, a house move (the new house is utterly yummy) and then we decided in our wisdom to get 2 new puppies... its been a very difficult 6 months dealing, training and getting them stable. There is light at the end of the tunnel now and they are turning into beautiful characters who still take up too much of the bed!

We have let friendships drift as we have dealt with our own ups and downs and life stresses. I have felt desperately let down by certain friends and realise that there is no point hanging on with tooth and nail anymore, if people wanted to spend time with you they would. I have generally been knarked all year to the point of some real wobbly moments but as they say it's not painless.

I read a book over the weekend called  The Rules of Life: by 
Richard Templar (Author). It err spoke to me. I am also going to say yes more to going out and look after me more.

I will make 2009 a better year, really the choices are in your own hands to make life a success whether that be your job, your relationship, how you feel when you wake up. More smiling and smelling of the fleurs required!

Have booked a cake decorating class to start at end of Jan.. mad that I am so chuffed about it.. something different.

To those I love very happy new year and lots of positive doo-dars.

Mel x


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