melly_snm (melly_snm) wrote,

well thats all the celebrations over

Done birthday :-) on 1st Feb

Done birthday number 2 last week  where I was surprised with girlie friends waiting for me at a resturant for a birthday meal :-) Nados and a ballon and I'm anyones I tell you lol. Didn't have to arrange myself, didn't have to chase round, was lovely!

Barney with the other half over the weekend - we really do have different values and how to treat people. Its always going to end in an argument when I think and believe I know whats right and wrong.

Operation for breast lump done last week...anesthetic knocked me for 6. All healed, stitches driving me slightly insane! They come out thursday this week if I havent ripped them out myself before!

Sad for far flung friends today - sometimes people do seem to get more than their fair share of showers of shit. Its never the horrible poeple either!

Working and invoices and sorting paperwork today.

Rock and rock peeps!

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