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I'm finding life so difficult at the moment... the weird thing is its not me who is struggling, its the folks around me.
Im not about to jump off a tall place or anything, more wandering around in a relfective daze

Im finding the oddest things and people are dragging me down....

why is it that I seem to be the only one in this household who can possibly work out how to swap a full toliet roll for an empty one.
Its become a symbol of my life....

Other half has had some fairly interesting medical results.. I think we have to seriously discuss life and what we do with what is left. The way we are carrying on with work and life just wont do and if time is short, which it would appear to be this cant be the only way to live it.

Face book is driving me crackers - rather than be a link to people and a place to chat - its just reminding me of the lack of physical friends, I couldnt be more crushing lonely if I tried. If it were a game show, I'd be winning. I do try but dont seem to be linking with anyone or wanted or needed. Its the people who dont seem to treat people very well who seem to have the multidude of friends - how does that work. Gosh I sounds like a moaning old fart.

Am feeling very hassled by family about what is expected for christmas and who should be seeing who when and what.

So many people recently seem to have had deaths and loved ones pass on, no rhyme nor reason. I mean a litterly silly number compared to the people I know.

its all custard really


30th Oct, 2016 11:13 (UTC)
Life is too short to fret over bog rolls. Change the bog roll and move on. I know it's irritating, but in the big picture, it's naff all.

I really wish you 2 lived closer to us, we'd love to see more of you. Once crimbo is over, we'll make a plan to do something for a weekend.

And if time is limited, get married FFS!



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